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Faculty of Arts

Professor Mogomme A. Masoga
Acting Dean
University of Zululand
P/Bag X1001
KwaZulu Natal
(035) 9026087
(035) 9026082
Dean office: upper ground floor Inkanyiso building
Email : Amanda Bikitsi on BikitsiA_at_unizulu.ac.za

To be a leading Faculty, locally, nationally and globally, based in a rural setting, providing quality career-focused programmes and service through our teaching, research and community engagement.

1.    To provide access to students from diverse backgrounds to an enabling and caring teaching and learning environment.
2.    To respond to local, national and global demand for human capital development by training learners in relevant academic and career focused programmes.
3.    To generate knowledge through research in the Arts and to disseminate it through publications, teaching, development and information sharing.

Promoting Academic Excellence through
Active and Systematic Participation


African Languages and Culture
BA Honours in IsiZulu                                                                                       1HON14
BA Honours in SeSotho (not offered in 2019)                                                 1HON15
BA Honours in SiSwati                                                                                     1HON16
Master of Arts in IsiZulu                                                                                   1MAS14
Master of Arts in SeSotho (not offered in 2019)                                             1MAS15
Master of Arts in SiSwati (not offered in 2019)                                              1MAS16
Doctor of Philosophy in IsiZulu                                                                        1DPH14
Doctor of Philosophy in SeSotho (not offered in 2019)                                   1DPH15
Doctor of Philosophy in SiSwati (not offered in 2019)                                    1DPH16
BA Honours in Afrikaans                                                                                  1HON01
Master of Arts in Afrikaans                                                                              1MAS01
Doctor of Philosophy in Afrikaans                                                                    1DPH01

Anthropology and Development Studies
BA in Development Studies                                                                              1DDEG1
BA Honours in Development Studies                                                               1HON07
BA Honours in Anthropology                                                                           1HON40
Master of Arts in Development Studies                                                            1MAS07
Master of Arts in Anthropology                                                                        1MAS40              

Doctor of Philosophy in Development Studies                                                  1DPH07
Doctor of Philosophy in Anthropology                                                              1DPH40
Communication Science
Diploma in Public Relations Management                                                          1CPDP1
Diploma in Media Studies                                                                                  1CMDP1
Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Communication                                              1CDEG1
BA Honours in Communication Science                                                           1HON03
Master of Arts in Communication Science                                                       1MAS03
Doctor of Philosophy in Communication Science                                             1DPH03

Creative Arts
Bachelor of Arts in Drama Theatre and Performance                                     1UDEG2       

Criminal Justice
BA in Correctional Studies                                                                               1JDEG2
BA Honours in Criminology                                                                              1HON04
Honours in Penology                                                                                        1HON05
Master of Arts in Criminology                                                                           1MAS04
Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology                                                                  1DPH04

BA Honours in English                                                                                       1HON08
Master of Arts in English                                                                                   1MAS08
Doctor of Philosophy in English                                                                         1DPH08

General Linguistics
BA Honours in General Linguistics                                                                   1HON09
Master of Arts in Linguistics                                                                             1MAS09
Doctor of Philosophy in Linguistics                                                                   1DPH09

Geography and Environmental Studies
BA Environmental Planning and Development                                                  4GBA01
BA Honours in Geography                                                                               1HON10
Master of Arts in Geography                                                                           1MAS10
Doctor of Philosophy in Geography                                                                 1DPH10

BA Honours in German (not offered in 2019)                                                  1HON11            
Master of Arts in German (not offered in 2019)                                              1MAS11
Doctor of Philosophy in German (not offered in 2019)                                    1DPH11

BA Honours in History (not offered in 2019)                                                   1HON12
Master of Arts in History (not offered in 2019)                                               1MAS12
Doctor of Philosophy in History (not offered in 2019)                                     1DPH1

Information Studies

Post-graduate Diploma in Library and Information Science (not offered in 2019)            1IDIP1
Bachelor of Arts in Information Science                                                                           1IDEG1
Bachelor of Library and Information Science                                                                   1IDEG2
Bachelor of Arts Honours in Information Sciences                                                          1HON13
Master of Arts in Information Sciences                                                                            1MAS13
Doctor of Philosophy in Library and Information Science                                                 1DPH13

Philosophy and Applied Ethics
Bachelor of Arts Honours in Philosophy                                                                         1HON17
Master of Arts in Philosophy                                                                                          1MAS17
Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy                                                                                1PHD17

Politics and International Studies (POLIS modules are offered in BA – ABDEG1)

Bachelor of Honours in Psychology (not offered in 2019)                                           1HON18
Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology (not offered in 2019)                                         1MAS18
Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (not offered in 2019)                                  1MAS19
Master of Psychology (not offered in 2019)                                                                 1MAS20
Doctor of Philosophy in Community Psychology                                                           1DPH19
Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology (not offered in 2019)                                            1DPH18

Recreation and Tourism
Bachelors of Tourism Studies                                                                                  1RDEG1
Bachelor of Arts Honours in Recreation and Tourism                                             1HON21
Post-graduate Diploma in Recreation and Tourism                                                  1PDRT1
Master of Tourism (Coursework)                                                                            1MAS21
Master of Tourism (Research only)                                                                         1MAS22
Doctor of Philosophy in Tourism and Recreation                                                     1DPH21

Not offered in 2019
Bachelors of Tourism Studies in Ecotourism Management                                       1RDEG2
Bachelors of Tourism Studies in Outdoor Recreation Management                          1RDEG3
Bachelors of Tourism Studies in Indigenous Tourism Development                          1RDEG4
Bachelors of Tourism Studies in Events Management                                              1RDEG5

Social Work
Bachelor of Social Work (Offered only to pipeline students who registered before 2013) AWDEG1
Master of Social Work                                                                                                 1MAS24
Master of Arts in Community Work                                                                              1MAS23
Doctor of Philosophy in Social Work                                                                            1DPH23
Postgraduate Diploma in Community Development                                                       1DIP23
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology                                                                                           1SDEG1
Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Sociology                                                                            1SDEG2
Bachelor of Arts Honours in Sociology                                                                             1HON26
Master of Arts in Sociology                                                                                               1MAS26
Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology                                                                                     1DPH26
Doctor of Philosophy in Industrial Sociology                                                                      1DPH27


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